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We found MyRJ to be very beneficial when we were seeking evidence for our RSQM award with the Restorative Justice Council. Tracking of decisions and evidencing effective communication between the coordinator and the facilitators was important – MyRJ helped us show our operational practice was safe and met the standards set out by the RJC.

Trevor WatsonCampaign & Project OfficerWhy me?

The RJC worked with the MoJ and us to help develop the myRJ secure system as an effective tool to support RJ service delivery. We would recommend it as an easy to use, secure case management system. Being able to gather national data about restorative justice will help us to support the growth of capacity and quality in the restorative field.

Jon CollinsCEOThe Restorative Justice Council

“MyRj works really well for the facilitators in our multi agency hub. It easy for them to use, enabling them to access and submit all the information they need safely and securely.”

Paul MukasaFacilitator Co-OrdinatorRestorative Gloucestershire

“Using myRJ has streamlined our RJ communication between agencies, I can’t imagine working without it now”

James EllisRestorative Justice SPOCDevon and Cornwall Police

“Whilst organising our implementation plan for RSL it was clear that to enhance our service and to keep us competitive with other providers a MoJ accredited case management system would be a vital component in order to achieve the highest standard of service delivery.

After looking at other CMS’s it was apparent that the MyRJ CMS provided the most effective and efficient system for us to use and in addition offered multi agency and multi operator use. MyRJ now enables RSL to share information safely and securely between different agencies, a huge asset to our organisation as we move into an environment of collaborative restorative practice working.

Other benefits include its ability to mould high standards of recording by practitioners and can shape the pathway for high quality facilitation which can only serve to benefit any potential for individual or team CPD and accreditation.

The myRJ Data collection facility also provides valuable management information that will serve to enhance our service as well as provide vital data for our RSQM accreditation.

It also has the ability to monitor all activity and demonstrate to stakeholders our performance based on statistics where ‘all work’ is captured.”

Lisa SmithermanLondon Service Delivery ManagerBritish Transport Police / Restorative Solutions CIC

“We are currently trialling the My RJ CMS as part of the Pre-Sentence RJ Pathfinder in Truro Crown Court.  We have been using the system for 3 months now and it is proving to be an extremely valuable tool.  All the RJ cases we work on are case managed on the secure system that allows me to share restricted personal data with my volunteers safely and securely.

I use the system to allocate cases to the volunteers and they update My RJ with all case details.  I utilise the management tools available on My RJ to produce monthly reports and data returns to the evaluators.  We have recently begun to use the time management facility that enables me to extract data on the time taken by each facilitator on each case.

It is a well thought out system that is user friendly and simple to use.  I would recommend this case management system to any organisation delivering restorative justice”

Lucy AllisonRestorative Justice Project ManagerTruro Crown Court

We knew that we wanted to create more efficiency, effectiveness and engagement in support services. To that end , we have create a victim care unit in the Police Force that makes contact with victims based on their victims needs assessment and then, with consent, refers them on to the relevant organisation to offer support.

Our whole model was based on not procuring one service to fit all, but to create secure referral pathways to a network of organisations that would have gone through numerous due diligence requirements in order to be accredited as part of the network.

The multi agency approach recognises that the impact of crime might be different for individual victims and is not necessarily related to the type of crime they have experienced and the desire to engage with different services is essential to helping victims to cope and recover.

We felt it was inappropriate to filter all victims into one provider that had little evidence of referring on according to additional needs.

In order to enable us to embrace the value that the local diverse landscape of the VCSE has to offer, we needed to be confident that we could utilise a system for the secure exchange and storage of victim information. This requirement was an absolute and required an innovative IT system that would allow:  Secure levels of different access depending on whether an individual user, organisation, victim care unit or OPCC. A system that allows VCSE organisations with different levels of IT capacity to still be able to access the relevant referral information for their victim Swift, relevant information to be referred from the VCU and can be monitored for actual activity within the requirements of the Victims Code of practice.

We knew about the MY RJ system and felt that this structure met our requirements.

We approached MY RJ with our needs and a requires to use MY RJ as a platform for a bespoke system called MY VCU which would enable us to by each organisation ;

  • Track acceptance of referrals
  • Number of active cases
  • Number of completed cases
  • Reasons for closing a case

We were also very keen on prompting organisations to ask clients to undertake an outcomes survey at the end of their engagement with an organisation. This system allows that data to be uploaded to clients records.

The system has been an invaluable part of the solution to enabling a network approach to victim care that has at its heart diversity in terms of choice for the victim but is underpinned by an efficient secure, referral mechanism Without the VCU system we would not have been able to respond to the needs of victims in the same way and believe it is a vital tool to enabling multi agency work for the benefit of others.

Sarah Carlsen-BrowneCriminal justice, Partnerships and Commissioning OfficerDevon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner

I’m the Judicial System Administrator for the Native Village of Eyak in Cordova, Alaska, United States.

It’s no secret a lot of agencies in the United States are highly concerned with their funding, so people want an affordable program, but still want it to work.

I speak to this more below, but honestly, myRJ is very well priced for especially for smaller organizations (not that it wouldn’t be equally beneficial for large ones as well!).

One thing I particularly love about myRJ is that it is very user friendly.

The system layout is simple and clean which makes it incredibly easy to navigate.

That being said, it doesn’t sacrifice any features such as running reports on data and file sharing.

I appreciated that it is also somewhat customizable so I can tailor it to fit the needs of the tribe.

Adding additional charges, pleas, ethnicities, and any other information is quickly resolved with an email.

Before I found myRJ, I had demoed multiple case management programs specifically designed for tribes and what I found were overly complicated or archaic designs attached with an astronomical price tag.

None of these programs were even set up to address a restorative process. Personally, I believe more money should go to the communities we serve than the software we use.

myRJ is a cost-effective alternative to larger case management software without compromising program features, customization, and high quality customer service.

Key points are:

  • Cost effective
  • Ease of use
  • Customization
  • User Friendly
  • Great support
Sarah KathreinNative Village of Eyak in Cordova