Supporting Restorative Service Delivery

Restorative Justice Case Management

myRJ is a comprehensive restorative justice platform that helps communities, schools, and organisations address harm, conflict, and wrongdoing in a positive and proactive way. Built on the principles of restorative justice, myRJ empowers individuals and groups to take responsibility for their actions, repair harm, and build stronger relationships.

Designed for the Restorative Justice Process

myRJ software is designed to be used by practitioners in the field of Restorative Justice , and allows users to create, track, and manage restorative justice cases, including referrals, assessments, plans, and progress updates.

Keeping your information secure and confidential

Restorative justice cases involve sensitive information, myRJ helps you ensure that this information is kept secure and confidential. You can set up user permissions and other security features to control who can access the data and how it is used.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Whether you are just starting out with Restorative Interventions or are a seasoned service or practitioner, myRJwill allow you to automate many of the administrative tasks involved in restorative justice cases, case management software can help you save time and money. This can allow you to focus your resources on providing better services to your clients.