A new way of developing your knowledge of Restorative Approaches.

There are 10 modules available which cover all aspects of Restorative Approaches and can be completed individually or as a series.

Our E-Learning modules have been created to support the development of your knowledge around Restorative Approaches. These modules complement our existing training courses, which include:

  • Foundation Training
  • Practitioner Training
  • Practitioner Accreditation

We are able to offer multiple licences for your organisation at a reduce rate.



  • Introduction to Restorative Approaches
  • Applications of Restorative Approaches
  • Theories and Notable Authors in Restorative Justice
  • Making Contact with Victims
  • Reflective Practice and Case Supervision for Practitioners
  • Impact of Crime and Harm
  • The Legal Context of Restorative Approaches
  • Making Letters of Apology or Explanation Restorative
  • An Introduction to Risk Assessment
  • The Use of Restorative Approaches and Police Complaints

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