Supporting Victim Care Delivery

About myVCU

myVCU – Victim Care Unit Referral Management System, myVCU offers a secure data portal, which can be accessed by all agencies involved in a Victim Care. From all Law Enforcement Agencies and Local Councils to Social Services and Community Outreach Projects, everyone can report and track progress in the easy to use secure cloud based referral management system, allowing information to be shared seamlessly and free from the risk of it becoming lost or intercepted in transit. Accessible using any digital device and from any location with an internet connection, myVCU is secure, safe and reliable with all the information held in a single government accredited data centre, offering significant time and cost savings. myVCU also benefits from regular backups to ensure full audit trails are available and with up-to-the-minute information can provide fast and accurate real-time data and instant statistical results.

Secure referral management at its best

With your own unique username and password, you can enter the system to start capturing all your important referral information. Everything is at your fingertips inside our secure referral management system from the award winning creators of myRJ!

Keep informed at a glace.

Our in-depth export area will display all the information you enter onto the system into an easy to understand and read format. From charts to raw CSV exports we can provide you with the tools needed to keep things on track.

Advanced information capture.

All our capture forms at updated to reflect the industry standards giving you the opportunity to gather relevant and useful information to make referrals to multi partnerships. From information about the incident or offence to in depth details about the participants we give you total control to get it right.

myVCU Overview

myVCU has been carefully developed to provide you with some amazing major features. Boasting top class dedication to security standards, service levels and dedication to Victim Care and bringing its award winning offering to a wider market, making it available to all.

Whether you’re an established Victim Care centre or a new practice our system will allow you to stay compliant against the General Data Protection Register (“GDPR”) Rules and Regulations. Low cost, High Impact, Time Saving and Easy to use are just some of the benefits of using myVCU.

Key Benefits

Dynamic Case Management

  • Seamless delivery of a secure cloud based Referral management system with a history working with Victims of Crime.
  • Provisions to dynamically adapt to government and governing body policy changes around Victim Care.
  • Instant creation of cloud based system to meet the growing needs of any practice.

Integrated Collaboration

  • Enables end-to-end delivery and monitoring of Victim Care.
  • Regular user focus groups to gauge working issues and suggestions to deliver a high quality system.
  • Improved transparency with out fully auditable system.

Safe and Secure SaaS

  • Regular integrity checks are performed on the system to ensure a safe working environment.
  • The system is accredited to store and process OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-Sensitive information in accordance with HMG requirements (the Security Policy Framework) and CESG guidance.